Jesse is a long time Somerville resident well known in the community for his many years of activism and volunteer work with a long list of community organizations.

Jesse grew up in Somerville, attended Somerville public schools (Winter Hill Community School and Somerville High School) where he met his wife, Michelle.

He has seen, first hand, the incredible evolution of the city we call home.

As Alderman of Ward 4, Jesse will be the go-to for his ward, a voice for his community and will address the issue of responsive and accessible government, affordable and middle income housing and continuing the fight against opiate abuse, among many issues.

Jesse now resides on Puritan Road in Ten Hills with his wife, Michelle, and their daughter Allie (11 years old) who attends Somerville public school.




A Letter From Jesse Clingan:

Dear Neighbors,

My Name is Jesse Clingan. I am a Somerville native, community activist, father, and husband, and I’m running for Ward 4 Alderman. The election isn’t until November, but I want to meet each and every Ward 4 resident before then. I want to tell you about my commitment to our city and how I will fight each and every day for your interests.

My activism began before I was even born. My mother was a community activist who is featured in the very center of the community mural shown above. She taught me the value of community and of fighting for the people who struggle the most.

I grew up in a city with few resources, but plenty of pride. Like many others, I was forced out of Somerville because of rising rents, but was able to return thanks to the grace of a benevolent landlord. So the struggles of average Somerville residents are not far from my heart.

I have carried on in my mother’s tradition most of my young adult life. The 1995 murder of my friend and fellow Somerville resident Deanna Cremin impacted the community and myself greatly. To this day, I’m deeply troubled by the knowledge that her murderer still walks free. Over the years I have organized marches and vigils to honor Deanna, which led to Somerville increasing the reward for information regarding the case from $20,000 to $70,000. I also lobbied to have Otis Park renamed in Deanna’s honor.

Sadly, this was not the only tragedy to occur in our city. We have lost hundreds of young people to the opiate epidemic. I lost many friends including my own sister to this disease. I helped cofound Somerville Overcoming Addiction, an organization that has since expanded to several other cities. We advocated for first responders to carry Narcan, a medicine that has saved hundreds of lives since 2014. Our advocacy also led to criminal justice reforms that prioritize treatment over incarceration. This advocacy needs to continue in every level of government.

In addition to these movements that I helped create, I have supported numerous other efforts aimed at giving justice to struggling people. I successfully advocated for the first Wage Theft ordinance in Massachusetts, which prevents businesses from stealing from their employees. I am an outspoken advocate of affordable housing and the Fight for $15 minimum wage.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me about your thoughts and concerns by emailing me at or calling me at (617) 290-1904. I am always in the neighborhood and always willing to meet to discuss Somerville issues. I want your vote, but even more, I want to serve you and everyone in the community.

Sincerely, Jesse Clingan