Jesse's Priorities

Dear Friends & Neighbors, The people of Ward 4 deserve someone who is looking out for their interests. I will work hard to stand up and address the issues that affect people of all economic levels in this great city. Sincerely, Jesse Clingan Independent Jesse will be an independent voice working for the people of Ward 4, not special interests. He has pledged not to accept any donations from developers working on major projects in the city. Developer Pledge  "The influence of money in politics has reached a fever pitch. If we are to restore power to the people we must not allow developer money to influence decision making on construction projects in Somerville. That is why I pledge to refuse any money from developers or any individuals conducting business with the city of Somerville." - Jesse Clingan Compassionate Growing up in Somerville, Jesse watched many of his classmates struggle with addiction. Jesse knows the importance of good public schools and strong youth programs to provide a positive outlet for Somerville’s youth.  Jesse co-founded Somerville Overcoming Addiction (SOA), leading the fight against the opiate crisis, helping affected families, advocating for treatment programs, and lobbying for first responders to carry Narcan, which has saved hundreds of lives.   Community Leader Jesse is out in front in the fight to keep developers accountable to the community, supporting adhering to the city’s 20% affordable housing rule & providing community benefits agreements. Jesse proudly serves as member of the board of the Ryan Harrington Foundation, which provides funding for youth services and treatment programs. Constituent Services & Accountability Jesse believes that an alderman should be accountable to all constituents and respond promptly to the everyday issues that are of concern.  Good communication is crucial so that residents know about important community meetings that affect them and let people know what is happening in the Ward. Jesse is committed to keeping residents informed and responding to their needs. Affordability Rising rents and housing prices are forcing many to leave Somerville. Jesse is committed to preserving Somerville’s economic diversity to keep our community strong, including, ensuring that developers include 20% or more affordable units. Jesse has been an outspoken leader on keeping developers accountable, supporting affordable housing and the right for workers to organize and earn a living wage. Jesse successfully led the effort to pass the first Wage Theft ordinance in Massachusetts. Health & The Environment Jesse believes that the key to a healthy population is plenty of space for recreation and play. Winter Hill has no centralized community square and Jesse is committed to maximizing all opportunities for creating open spaces to build a strong and connected community. Air and sound pollution and increased asthma rates make the absence of barriers for I-93 near the Mystic Apartments critical. Jesse will advocate for barriers along I-93 and increased tree plantings in other high-traffic areas.